Jacqueline Mims is a highly qualified advocate for young girls and women in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM).  She is also an experienced and highly sought after speaker and discussion panelist for Corporations and Technology conferences.  Jacqueline has been a featured guest speaker for IBM, Coca Cola Corporation, Gaithersburg Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter and Career Communications US Black Engineer and Women of Color STEM Conferences.

Jacqueline had humble beginnings in STEM.  In high school, she started her career as an Administrative Assistant at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) which led to a success future career path.  After graduating from Towson University in Towson, Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration,  Jacqueline returned to NASA as an Aerospace Technologist where she programmed telemetry processing systems onboard in-orbit satellites. Desiring a more challenging opportunity,  Jacqueline signed up for NASA-GSFC’s first ever civil servant Spacecraft Command Controller Certification program. After months of studying, examinations and ground station simulations, she became NASA-GSFC’s first African American Civil Servant certified Spacecraft Command Controller.

Jacqueline inspires success in everyone who experiences her story.  She is also the recipient of the most prestigious Ted Turner Trumpet Award – Rocket Scientist honor.  If asked,  Jacqueline would tell you that her passion is harnessing her gifts and experience to encourage young girls and women of all ages to live their best lives and to not be afraid of pursuing educational and career opportunities in STEM.