Flawed Flesh, Perfect Purpose

Flawed Flesh, Perfect Purpose


Flawed Flesh brings 4 dynamic authors together to reveal what purpose looks like, through adversity, self-doubt, and uncertainty. These women share stories of how they came into their purpose by unconventional paths, paths they sometimes didn’t want to take. From rocket scientist to entrepreneurs, these authors are sharing their hearts with the purpose of inspiring you to walk in your perfect purpose, even when it doesn’t feel like your purpose is just over the horizon.


Meet the Contributing Authors

Jacqueline Mims, is the first African-American civil servant to be certified as a spacecraft ground controller for NASA- Goddard Space Flight Center’s unmanned spacecraft. Mims became an administrative assistant at NASA while still in high school. After graduating with honors, she worked at NASA as an Aerospace Technologist, programming data telemetry processing systems on board in-orbit satellites.

Rae Karim is an author, poet, preacher and entrepreneur based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The life experience she pours into her writings has made her highly sought after on the city's poetry and literary scenes. It is that same experience that gives Rae such an effective and powerful ministry regardless of the age, race or socioeconomic background of her audience.

Uloma Chinwe Obi, is a Pastor, Speaker and Transformational Leader. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations. Her worldview has been framed by various interactions from her family background, a vibrant reading culture and a desire to see people reach their full potential. She is a conference speaker who hits the nail on the head when it comes to purpose, destiny, potential and opportunities. 

Stephanie J. Womack served as the managing editor and publisher for this book, through Virtue Communications, LLC Publishing Division.

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